Special Projects

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

I was the coordinator and advisor of SADD in all three high schools in Parma. I had the awesome opportunity to bring SADD back into the Parma City Schools. We met weekly after school, after school to discuss our mission and goals as a SADD group. We brought in many pertinent speakers along with the mock crash for the Prom Promise. The SADD group was a catalyst to bring the drug and alcohol awareness and prevention message into our schools, with students being the driving force. We were able to provide a great service to our schools.


I introduced a Big Brother/Big Sister concept that linked the high school, big sibs, with the middle school little sibs. We met weekly to provide time for positive peer mentoring between the students. This was a win/win situation where all students were able to feel that they were a part of a positive and successful group which valued them.

Teen 4 Teens

This group was developed to be a support place for students to come and feel free to "drop in and be heard". Weekly meetings were conducted at Normandy High School and were very well received by students, parents, and staff alike. Students knew that there were others, in the school, who could relate, listen, and help them.


A prom dress and accessories collection and give away for the community. Students were involved by helping to collect, set up, and help out on the day of the event. This became a service project for some students and a great way to share what we have in our community with all. This event was publicized on Channel 19 News, the Sun Newspaper, and the Royalton Recorder. A great event for all!!